Macon Beverage Outlets
Log Cabin

This location is the largest beverage store in Georgia 23,000 sq ft. largest Selection of Craft Spirits, Fine Wines and Micro Brewed beers.

Huge Store, Huge Selection and Huge Savings

Mon - thurs 9.00am to 9.00pm ,Fri-Sat 9.00am to 10.30pm & Sun: 12.30pm-7pm.

Tel: 478-238-5416

I-475N Exit 3 Turn right and then left on log cabin drive

Log Cabin:4580 Log Cabin drive, Macon GA 31204

Arkwright Road

This location is 12000sq ft retail with the largest selection of select Bourbons, Single Malt Scotch, finest wines from all over the world and Craft Beers. We have Private label bourbons specifically distilled for this store.

Huge Store, Huge Selection and Huge Savings

Store Hours: Mon-Thurs 10am to 9pm. Fri-sat 9am to 10.00pm & Sun: 12.30pm -6pm.

Tel: 478-621-4927.

I-75N Exit 169 and then turn right.

Arkwright Road:3965 Arkwright Road, Macon GA 31210


"his place has everything! Their wall o' whiskey is particularly impressive. It's a little bit difficult to navigate, and the back of the store is full of boxes and other miscellaneousness, but as a place to stock up on booze, you really couldn't ask for me. Super friendly and helpful staff as well!"

- Gretchen F.

"Best place to buy whatever alcohol you need. As good a beer selection as any of the growler places with better prices on most the beers. Enormous liqueur selection with affordable prices."

- Zac G.

"*clears throat* I love alcohol. I have alcohol most every day. This place is heaven when you walk in! It reminds me of my favorite liquor store back in Houston. Isles and isles of alcohol! It's a candy store for adults. "

- Dea J.